Favorite wedding images

From our favorite images, you can understand what we choose and what we are looking to capture at your wedding. From thousands of moments our goal is to collect the essentials for us that will briefly tell you the story of your wedding. Reality around us is not all that happens but what we choose to look at. From you we just need to be yourself and enjoy the day with your own people.

our Approach to the wedding photography

Our approach to wedding photography moves more towards a discreet recording with clear influences from reportage photography. Our images highlight spontaneous moments and feelings unfolding the story of your day. We want to create images respecting photography as a means of communicating and personal moments. Human contact is especially important to us. We do not want you to choose us only because we offer you a competitive service, but because you feel that you communicate with us with pleasure and would like to be us who will have the honor and joy of recording your personal moments. We will also not forget to take the commemorative photos with family friends if you wish, we consider them equally important.


General information about wedding photography

The following information will help you to understand the variety of photographic options available and to find what suits you the best for your wedding!:

1. Classic style of wedding photography.

Thus began the wedding photography and continues for its large part. The important aspect of this kind is carefully organized directorial device. The photographer directs the flow of your wedding continuously and naturally devotes considerable time for your guests. As a result the photo album complete but it looks quite predictable.

2. Photo-journalistic wedding photography.

This is quite popular way of photographing especially for the last few years, contains more spontaneous approach without interference and posing. The important point is kind of sensitivity to expressions and the proper use of the light from the photographer. Today’s couples do not want to spend their significant time with the photographer, they want to have fun with family and friends. There is more freedom and thus more more chances for a more artistic record that endures over time.

3. Photo-shooting of the couple on the “Next day” at the location.

More and more couples became positive about the photo shooting the next day. First of all at your wedding day you will have enough time to spend with your guests and the second the next day you are free from such pressure as at the wedding day. There are several locations we can recommend. Together we will eventually choose the one that you like and that we consider appropriate.

4. Photoshooting of the couple “ previous day ” at the location (recommended).

The photographing before the marriage seems especially interesting and meaningful, because it gives us the opportunity “to break the ice” between us and gives you the opportunity to get experience with the camera lens. You will see that at your wedding day you would feel much more comfortable and pleasant. We can also create a guest book with these photos or a slide show projector for your wedding reception.

Note: You do not need to be dressed in wedding clothes, but to make you feel more comfortable just follow your style.

5. Wedding photography outside (Athens).

Our love to the nature and traveling makes us to be ready for a photo shooting outside Athens. In most cases a wedding outside Athens has a nicer surroundings unlike in noisy Athens. Usually the wedding takes place in the afternoon with the day light and it helps to make a good pictures. Everybody gets better mood after the contact with earth, its smell, its landscapes and its people who live in more normal pace (or at least different from the capital).

Usually we come for 2-3 days, by agreement ( at appointed date) in advance to be able to get acquainted with the place and to organize everything better. We have been traveling to Syros, Tinos Monemvasia, Ioannina, Poros, Lefkada, Crete, Kythnos, Sifnos, Livadia, Parnassos, Thessaloniki, etc. A destination where we have a lot of experience is Santorini cause of our origin. We know every interesting corner for photography, but also would be glad to help you with anything else you like.