our Wedding Portfolio

Here you can browse our favorite wedding porfolio. Stories that we want to share. A passionate couple, a passionate wedding story. A couple that is distinguished by romance, a love story. Stories that you are at the same time the protagonists and the directors. We hope each marriage can convey you in the day and make you feel something.

Wedding Photography Services

Usually we are 2 photographers at each marriage. Depending on your marriage, our services are also determined. The most common is 10 hour coverage on your wedding day from your preparations up to a large part of the reception. There is a choice for full coverage of the day. Taking a picture of a party before your wedding or Bachelor would help even more to portray your wedding story.

Shooting excursion after the wedding

Shoot another day at home or in a park or in a particular location is a unique opportunity to capture images of your own. Happy moments that will bring you back in the future in a time that will look distant

Benefits for Wedding Photography

OnLine Gallery

Sample Making takes place on OnLine Gallery as a personal internet page to be available from where you want it and for anyone you want, you’ll still be able to download the images in high resolution. The images are password protected.

Sample Online Gallery

Image Processing

Fully processed images, with our own character and style in full resolution are available to you. We believe it is the most important part of our work. They consider the wedding heirloom to be the album, but the archives of their photographs are the heirloom that is not altered by time.


At each wedding, we prepare a Slideshow with our selection of favorite photos, which you can use as an aid to your choice for the album. The Slideshow will be very soon after your wedding is ready.

Sample Slideshow

Slideshow for Projector

From your old photos or from pre-wedding photography we can prepare Slideshow to show it on your wedding day

Digital Albums

Digital albums in a large selection of covers and SlimBook (Albums for Parents and Goddesses) even WishBooks with your own photos from either a previous day’s photo shooting

Sample Album


We have our own PhotoBooth with a special style that we can provide you. FaceBooth.gr