Mindrinos ManolisMindrinos Dimitris

our Biography

We are two brothers, Manolis and Dimitris Mindrinos, 1977 and 1981 years of birth. We live in Argyroupolis-Athens, descended from Santorini and Crete.

Here is our story:

In 1977, our father Janis Mindrinos created a graphic arts studio, where we, being children have got the knowledge with the art of layouts, computers and various design programs.
In 1998, after the graduation of Faculty Leica Academy and having computer knowledge, we worked for several years in professional photography shops as wedding photographers.
In 2003, we created our own studio “Photographic”, equipped with modern digital photography equipment and organized lab/ computer for image processing and creating layouts. In an era when there were changes from analog to digital photography, which especially caused troubles for professional photographers, we creatively combined the advantage of familiarity with the electronic media in a harmonious combination of photography and graphic design. Our activity has been extended to Wedding photography, Baptism Photography, Digital Album, Panoramic Photography, Architectural Photography, Children, Shows, ect.

In 2010, our studio “ Photographic” moved to Argyroupolis where we have a nice and cozy place for wedding appointments and there is also a studio Photography. We are mostly focused on Wedding photography, as co-located and work together with a team of operators. The unflagging interest of our clients proves the right choice, as we dedicate ourselves on this subject. Our place is easily accessible, we are located on the ground floor, just 4 blocks from the metro Argyroupoli, with parking.